Our Laminated Safety Glass

We laminate our own glass in house. The laminate is tested compliant Safety Glass (AS/NZ2208)

Photo of Floreal (a clear texture) laminated to clear, purple & green

Glass Options

Technical Stuff

Width of laminate - Different thicknesses of  EVA film are required depending on the flatness of the back of the Art glass. This can vary from 0.5mm - 1.2mm.

The resulting laminated glass is between 7 - 11mm thick.

Thermal qualities - As glass gets thicker less heat is transmitted.  The EVA film also acts as a thermal break reducing heat loss.

We haven't tested our laminate so we can't provide a unit measure.

Size limitations - Size is limited by the size the coloured glass sheets come in, usually around 1200x600. Clear textures, and cathedral glass (3 colours) are larger sheets.

Types of Laminating

  • Art glass laminated to 4mm clear (7-8mm thickness)

  • Clear textured laminated to a coloured glass (i.e. photo above clear floreal laminated to Purple & Green)


Sorry this isn't simple. 

We charge laminate as 2 items:

  • Coloured/Textured Glass

  • Laminating services


Both by the square metre (width x height)

Minimum chargeable area is 0.3square metre.

However we can make much smaller pieces.

The price of the laminating service depends on the thickness of interlayer.


Please email our friendly team to get a quote or contact your local glazier. 


Sorry we no longer offer a glazing service except for lead lights.

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