Glassline Pens are used to create lines and shading, on glass. They can be thinned with water as required. A metal tip set is recommended for fine line drawing. Glassline Pens are compatible with most types of glass, from Float to 90 and 96 coe and are lead-free and food safe when fired. Wide range of colours $14.90each 

The Glassline colours can be applied between multiple layers or on the top surface of glass, for a complex dimensional look.

For best results "tack fuse" individual sheets of glass before stacking your full fuse. Glassline colours are best fired to 816°C, but may be fired lower or higher depending upon desired results.

Glassline Paint (various colours available)

  • pink, grey, orange, dark blue, marigold, bronze patina, red/orange, yellow, dark green, crimson, periwinkle, brown, white, purple, light green, turquoise, teal, lavender, amethyst, metallic gold.

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