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Antique Mirror Images

Samples are representative only. The antiquing process is bespoke and no two pieces are exactly the same. Pattern will naturally vary across your glass, lighter in some areas, darker in others.

We do our best to get as close as possible to the sample you selected.

You can request heavier antiquing around the edges if you are trying to achieve the effect of an old blackened mirror.

The samples pictured are 120mm x 150mm in size (pen shown for size comparison).
Photographing glass is difficult at the best of times - mirror even worse!

If you are interested in the product please contact one of our approved distributors (list available shortly).  We recommend that you get them to advise you where you can view larger samples and/or a display kitchen using our product. Small samples are not the best representation how it will look in larger panels.

Luna on clear
Centauri on clear
Carina on clear
Luna on bronze
Omega on bronze
Carina on bronze
Luna on clear, bronze, & grey tint
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