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Re-silvering service

Re-silvering an old mirror

 Re-silvering an old mirror may be worth it if the glass has scalloped edges (as in the photo below), curved bevels, or pictorial etching, as no one produces these effects on glass commercially anymore.
We can also re-silver telescope lenses.

 Old glass often has scratches or watermarks that can not be removed. We can improve the look of an old mirror significantly, but perfection is seldom possible.

 If your mirror is a standard one, or has straight bevels, it will likely be cheaper, and produce a finer result, for you to simply order a new replacement mirror from your local glazier.
We do not re-silver bathroom mirrors.



 We quote for re-silvering based on the square metre area of your mirror. Circles and odd shapes are charged by the square they would fit into. The minimum charge is for 0.3 sqm.
Please email us a photo and the dimensions of your mirror for a quote.

Re-silvering Process

 Please deliver your glass to us already removed from any frame or backing material. Please hang on to your old screw-in clips, as no replacements are available.

 In most cases we will dip your vintage mirror in an acid to remove the old silvering. Because of this process, this method may not be suitable for advertising-type mirrors with printed surfaces.

 After being silvered, a grey backing paint is applied to your mirror. In the case of scalloped edges, some overspray will go into the scallops. There is an additional charge for this overspray to be removed by hand, but you can save money by doing it yourself if you want to. Please enquire.

 Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing. We do not pick up or drop off.

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