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Stained Glass and Leadlight Repair


Email us a couple of photos of your lead light/stained glass windows & we will send you an estimate of the cost to repair.
Please include:

  • one photo from the inside

  • one showing the whole lead light

  • a close up of any damage

  • your suburb (so we can allow for travel)

  • do we need a ladder (or scaffold)?

Generally repairs take about 2-3weeks depending on our work-load & weather.


Different types of repairs:


Lead Lights or Stained Glass need to be re-built when the lead has stretched.  This usually takes 60-80 years but design and weather can impact how long it takes.  As the lead stretched the panel may sag or leak, the internal copper ties can break off.  Once the lead light starts sagging glass can break. 

Rebuilds need to be done in our workshop. We remove the panels and then cover the openings temporarily to protect your property (generally with ply). 

Once rebuilt your lead lights/stained glass will look as good as the day it was originally installed and will once again be a decorative feature of your home.


Repairs on site: Sometimes, if the Lead Light/Stained Glass panel is in good condition but a piece of glass is broken we may be able to do a repair on site.

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