Coloured & Textured Glass

Our glass ranges are now hosted on our Glass Station website. Prices there are per hobby square sized piece. If you wish to order a cut-to-size piece of glass, the pricing is quite different. Please email us with the SKU code of the glass, and the size to get a quote. We import much of our coloured glass from the U.S.A, so stock availability can vary.

If you are looking for replacement coloured or textured glass for a window or door, and you can't find it on Glass Station, we can help you identify your glass or select the best alternative.  We no longer offer a glazing service except for lead lights.

Your local glazier can advise you on the safety and code requirements for your situation and provide you with glazing sizes if you are buying the glass directly from us.
The most common textures found in New Zealand homes pre-1970, are Artic, No2 Hammered, and Florentine. Amber glass textures from the 1970's - 80's are very difficult to match and are usually out of production now.

Please note: most of the glass we sell is 3mm thick.  There are strict limitations on where this glass can be fitted.


We can now laminate certain glasses to achieve a "Safety A" rating. Rough Rolled, Floreal, Orient, and Broad and Narrow Reeded can be laminated to 4mm glass resulting in and 8-10mm thick piece. We can also combine one of these textures with a colour to imitate glass that is no longer available in a coloured version. Please contact us to inquire.
(English Muffle, Corella, Florentine and Flemish can not be laminated)

Laminated glass is NOT reccomended for use as shower screens.

Glass - by texture