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If you are looking for replacement coloured or textured glass for a window or door - we can help you identify your glass or select the best alternative.  We no longer offer a glazing service except for lead lights.

Your local glazier can advise you on the safety and code requirements for your situation and provide you with glazing sizes if you are buying the glass directly from us.

Please note: most of the glass we sell is 3mm thick.  There are strict limitations on where this glass can be fitted.


We can now laminate certain glasses to achieve a "Safety A" rating. Rough Rolled, Floreal, Orient, Florentine, and Broad and Narrow Reeded can be laminated to 4mm glass resulting in and 8-10mm thick piece. Please contact us to inquire.
(English Muffle, Corella and Flemish can not be laminated)

Spectrum Glass update: Discontinued glass and production schedule
July 2018

Spectrum Glass was bought by Oceanside Tile, and production was moved to Mexico. They make our Smooth, Waterglass, Rough Rolled, Baroque and some Streaky and Wispy glasses, as well as a lot of our 96COE glass. Although we stocked up at the time it was announced, after 2 1/2 years, these stocks are now running low. Oceanside production is up and running now in the new factory, but not all lines are being produced in sufficient quantities. We are particularly short of oranges, reds, yellows and iridescent, as well as some Rough Rolled Greens. Please be aware that if a glass is showing as Out Of Stock in these lines, you could have an extended wait for it to become available again. We are told Baroque glass will only be available in clear in future.
UPDATE: Oceanside is now making all it's glass 96coe compatible, great news for fusers! However, they have not been able to iridise their glass, so our stocks of these shrinking. Instead we are increasing our range of Wissmach iridised and luminescent glass. See Glass Station to see what is available.

(English Muffle glass, Corella, Flemish and Florentine are not affected, as this is made by a different company - Wissmach Glass).
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