Our Design Service

We offer a comprehensive design service. 


Designs can be to match other leadlight/stained glass windows in your home or we can design to your brief.

Either pop in to our studio to discuss your project requirements, or email some pictures of the kind of designs you like and approximate sizes you need.

Cost depends mostly on the complexity of the design, starting from $2,500 for a single custom front door panel (like the one in the first picture below), installed locally. Six panel entrance sets start from around $5,000.

New front door lead light
Flax Stained Glass Design
Kowhai Stained Glass
De La Salle College
We were asked to celebrate the contribution to the school of a teacher noting specific symbols & images that related to his contribution to the school community
Memorial Window St Marks Remuera
We were commissioned to create a memorial window based on the clients favourite flowers
Design - The painting
Dean's paintings were selected by the school as for the design of the new stained glass windows in the Chapel Close.
Design - Stained glass
From concept or in this case painting to a new Stained glass window. Paintings by Dean Buchanan for the Kings Chapel Close. Leadlight by Ray Salisbury
Stained glass by Ray Salisbury
Kings Chapel Close stained based on the paintings of Dean Buchanan
Design - The concept
After discussions with the client the design was agreed on. They selected the glass once the drawing was completed
Design stained glass
From design concept to new lealdight
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