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So many Glass Options

We have a new service which creates glass that meets the building code requirements for Doors and Entrance ways

Follow this link to see images and pricing


  We can customise:

  • Colour/Texture combinations

  • insert rice paper between the 2 pieces of glass

  • insert silk and other fabrics between the 2 pieces of glass

  • One side is several smaller pieces laminated onto a larger clear piece


The process

We put EVA (sort of plastic) between 2 pieces of glass and heat this sandwich in our kiln - inside a vacuum bag. The result is a single piece of laminate about 7-9mm thick that is certified Safety A glass under AS/NZS 2208.

The most common locations to use this glass is in and around all doors and in bathrooms (human impact zone). Your local glazier can advise on your specific requirements.

laminated glass.jpg

We laminate our own glass in house. Our laminate certified Safety Glass (AS/NZ2208)

Glass Options & pricing on Glass Station

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