Antique Mirrors - Further information

We custom-manufacture Antique Mirrors on clear, bronze, grey or etched glass. Usually the glass specified by one of our Approved Suppliers is toughened/safety glass.

Our process
We achieve the Antique effect by interrupting a chemical reaction in order to achieve the desired Antique Pattern. Every piece is a bit different. 

Variation of Effects
The effect can be concentrated around the edge of the glass or leave parts only slightly effected and other parts fully Antiqued.
At different stages of the antique process, the glass lays flat and then is tilted vertical - so there is a top and a bottom to the mirror. The top may appear "dryer" than the bottom. The longer the glass is the less control we have over the pattern

The series of photos below is designed to demonstrate some of the natural variations that occur with the Antique effect. (Click the images to make full size).



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