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Further information, terms & disclaimer

Glass Variations & Imperfections

This is a hand made product and is not "perfect".  Small imperfections or marks on or in the glass can be highlighted when the glass is silvered. Imperfections include, small scratches, seeds, stains, and blemishes. Scuff are particularly hard to see before glass is silvered. We check the glass before it is silvered but some imperfections only become apparent after the glass is silvered. These are considered normal and will NOT be subject to rejection or replacement.

Antique Mirrors

We custom-manufacture Antique Mirrors on clear, bronze, grey or etched glass. Usually the glass specified by one of our Approved Suppliers is toughened/safety glass.

Antiquing Process

Antique mirrors are created by interrupting the chemical reaction. Therefore, each piece is unique. 


Variation of Antique Pattern

The photo and samples are an indication of what you will receive, not a pattern.

Our aim is to have the pattern you selected as the dominant pattern. As pieces get larger it can be more difficult to control the pattern.

By ordering our product you are deemed to have understood and accepted the above

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