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Antique Effect Mirrors

Please Note: We are the manufacturers of this product, therefore we do not supply directly to the public. You will need to find a glass merchant or splash back installer to arrange a quote as they have the experience to order, measure and fit your Mirror.


Antique Effect Mirrors are becoming a popular desirable accent. Top interior designers are requesting their use in Hotel lobbies, exclusive bars, elevators, and other high-end interior fit-outs. In the home, antique effect mirrors are being fitted as splashbacks, wall cladding, table-tops- the options are endless.


We custom-manufacture and supply Antique effect mirrors which can be made using clear glass, bronze glass, grey glass or etched glass. To meet safety requirements, we can apply the Antique effect to toughened/safety glass. This makes their use superior in Bars, Restaurants and other high-density areas where safety in paramount.

Antiquing Process
The process we use to make Antique effect mirrors means that each and every mirror is unique. We achieve the Antique effect by sprinkling our secret recipe over the "wet" silvered glass - this causes a chemical reaction.  We then interrupted the chemical reaction to get the desired effect. Everytime is different.  Some of the factors that alter the Antique effect, including atmosphere changes, strength of the reactants, the age of the reactants, the initial amount of silver applied and the list goes on.
We like to have the sample you saw when you decided to go with this product and we endevour to get as close as possible to the same look but this is a chemical reaction so we only have very limited control. Before you proceed you need to understand and accept that there will be differences between your sample and the final product installed. 

Variation of Effects
The antique finishes range from a dry stipple-like effect, through to a fluid-mottle like effect. We can make the effect very subtle, or extremely heavy and distressed.  We can also focus the effect around the edge of the glass or leave parts only slightly effected and other parts fully Antiqued.
As our process uses water, gravity affects the outcome. At different stages of the antique process, the glass lays flat and then is tilted vertical- so there is a top and a bottom to the mirror. The top may appear "dryer" than the bottom.

Please refer to some of the natural variations that occur with the Antique effect. (Click the images to make full size).