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Silvering Service

How to supply your customers Tinted and/or Toughened Mirror

  • Order the glass through your normal glass merchant. Arrange for it to be sent to Sauvarins Coloured Glass as Outwork.

  • Send through a Purchase Order and drawings through to

  • Glass is silvered in our factory. Normal turn-around is 5-10 working days from the first morning receiving glass.

  • Once Silvered we notify you to arrange for collection.

  • No processing of the glass should be done after silvering. The glass needs to arrive in its final state e.g toughened, flat polished, cut-outs etc

  • The glass needs to be flawless. Silvering emphasizes imperfections - scratches, waterjet overspray, seeds, watermarks

  • We inspect glass prior to silvering as part of the service and will advise you of any issues HOWEVER there is no guarantee of the standard under the Fair Trading Act

  • The Industry Standard is that a glass mark must be visible at 2 metres to be considered significant (before it is silvered)

How to supply your customers with Antique Effect Mirror

  • The antique effect happens during the silvering process.

  • The customer needs to select a sample from your sample box or from the samples listed here.

  • Antique Effects can be done on different tints. The standard antique effect is achieved on clear float.

  • Inform the customer that the selected sample is a representation of the final product.

  • We match characteristics of the sample but can not identically replicate as it is a handmade product.

  • Order the glass as per usual (see below).­­­­­

  • Send through Purchase Order, drawings and identification of the selected antique sample.

  • Usual turn-around period applies under normal conditions, from when we receive the glass.

Before you Order the Glass

  • If a quote is required, send through details or drawings to us.

  • Is the glass within OUR limits? We have size and weight restrictions (see below)

  • Do you have the correct tint? E.g Bronze tint glass results in Bronze Mirror

  • Does it need to be toughened? If it is longer than 1800, or has cut outs, then yes.


Size & Weight Limitations

  • Our booth capacity is 3100 x 1300 however we cannot accommodate glass that size.

  • See diagram below to understand our size limitations.

  • Height and width are relative. E.g. if glass is 3100mm in height it must not exceed 900mm in width.

  • Weight restriction is 40kg (up to 45kg if agreed in advance)

New Size Classification

  • Minimum size for plain and Antique silvering is 0.3sq/M

  • Anything below this is charged at the minimum rate. Weight restriction is still 40kg (up to 45kg if agreed in advance)


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