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Merchant Terms & Conditions 2019

We do silvering manufacturing for our approved suppliers. We do not sell direct to the public.  You need to request a quote from a glazier or splash back fitting company.


Silvering tends to magnify small imperfections & marks in the glass.  These include, but are not limited to scratches, seeds, stains, water jet pitting and blemishes.  These imperfections are not necessarily visible before the glass has been silvered.  They are therefore considered normal and will NOT be subject to rejection or replacement.

The industry standard is that a glass mark must be visible at 2 metres to be considered significant (before it is silvered).

Toughened Mirrors

The toughening process can result in minor distortion in the reflective surface of the glass and minor scuffs/scratches/water marks.  These are within specifications for toughening in New Zealand.  We do check client’s glass for scratches and other marks, but it is very difficult to see some marks.


Sealing the back of glass

We strongly recommend mirror sealant is applied to our product.   We also note that not all adhesives are suitable to use when fitting silvered glass. 

Size Restrictions

Glass for silvering should be toughened if it is 1800mm or larger, or it has cut outs.  This limitation is for the safety of our staff.


The graph below shows our size limitations.

Weight restriction: 40kg (up to 45kg if agreed in advance)

Over sized (blue areas) pricing:  Any piece exceeding 1800mm in length or 900mm in height

Minimum charge for Plain & Antique silvering is 0.3sq/m.





Vinyl resist

If patterns or cut outs are required, a resist charge applies which covers vinyl & labour

Additional charges

Etchlite has a square area charge for cleaning the etched glass.

We recommend getting a quote based on your drawings before confirming your quotes, in case there are extra charges incurred on top of the square metre rate for your particular job.  Please email

Antique Silvering

There are a number of styles for Antique silvering.  Each order needs to specify which sample it should be based on.  Either send us the sample your client was shown or a photo.  Alternatively select the sample pattern from our gallery.


This process is only suitable for heritage pieces that have bevels, scallops or other decorative features. Takes up to 14 working days

Labour charge will be incurred if any removal or dismantling of frames or backs is required, so please send us glass only.

NB: Many old mirrors are scratched or have surface staining.  Please warn your customer that the bright new silvering will “bring out” any flaws in the glass. 
We do not clean overspray from scalloped edges.