Design, make & restore Stained Glass and Leadlight windows 


A wide range of coloured/textured glass

Glass tools and supplies

Fusible Glass & supplies


Etched glass designs for both modern and period homes

Our silvering factory makes custom mirrors including replica Antique effect




  • Bungalow Leadlight

    Bungalow Leadlight

    This leadlight was designed using clears textured glasses to match the Bungalow period. Using clear textured glass offers privacy without comprising available light. 


    Email us to discuss a new leadlight for your home

  • Villa Door

    ex demo yard

    Are you restoring a villa door?

    Come into our Penrose studio to pick the colours to create your own villa period door.


    The above is an example of a door we purchased from a demolition yard and restored to its former glory. Each corner has a square of acid etched - flashed glass. Around the side of the door are generally a couple of colours and the centre usually has 2 different panes of an acid etched. We have chosen 2 different patterns as this is for display purposes only.


  • Veranda Screen

    Veranda Screen

    The colour choice and arrangement are a classic feature of a Villa Veranda

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